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Livable wage can sustain our economy

Consumer spending is two-thirds of our economy. So when we scratch our heads about why Hawaii’s GDP is not growing as fast as the rest of the country, the answer lies in how much money our residents have to spend. At $10.10 an hour, our low-income workers clearly do not have enough to buy food and pay rent — in short, be “self-sufficient.”

Advocates urge larger minimum wage hike

During previous hearings in the House, the bill received significant opposition from business interests, but substantially more support from others. Supporters cited research that increases to minimum wage does not substantially harm businesses — often quite the contrary.

Locals argue for higher wages

“Wages have just not kept up with the cost of living. Even with the last increase to $10.10, I see more and more people becoming homeless because they cannot afford a place to stay. I came to speak on their behalf because they cannot leave their jobs to advocate for themselves.”

Enact living wage to boost keiki health

Equally shocking is the fact that when reviewing 20 Western, industrialized countries, children in the United States are the ones least likely to survive long enough to attend kindergarten. The huge income differences and high poverty rate in the United States, compared to other wealthy nations, are the major responsible factors.