Minimum Wage Hike Gets Immediate Support As Legislature Convenes

The Hawaii Legislature convened its 30th biennial session Wednesday, and its leaders wasted no time proclaiming that a top priority would be increasing the state’s $10.10 per hour minimum wage. Even minority Republicans are behind the idea in the Democrat-controlled Legislature. It is part of a larger recognition of how the islands are becoming un-affordable for many residents.

Workers need $17 minimum wage

Do the right thing, Hawaii, and let’s start down the path to restore love, hope, charity and equal opportunity for all of Hawaii’s people. Providing a $17 minimum living wage will help to restore the dignity for those who want to work hard and take care of their own.

Democrats should show bona fides

Will the progressive Democratic platform translate into concrete policies that improve the lives of struggling families in Hawaii? That is the question members of the Raise Up Hawaii coalition are asking. As January 2019 approaches, it is our hope that legislators will answer that question with an unequivocal YES.