We’re building the movement for a truly livable wage in Hawaiʻi. Campaigns like this succeed because of people like you. Download and print out these resources and join the fight for a living wage today.


Policy Flyer

We’ve created a handy flyer with key data points, frequently asked questions, an op-ed by coalition members, and some of the research with which we’ve rooted our call to action. This flyer will help community supporters talk to their legislators.



Help us grow the movement by signing up your neighbors and friends as supports of a living wage. We will never distribute the information you collect beyond this campaign. Street names only are needed to identify legislators.


Hashtag Signs

Download and print either hashtag sign—one with a pre-fabricated message, and one with a blank space for your own—then take a selfie and post to social media with the hashtag #RaiseUpHawaii to expand our reach.