Features Overview

We’re building the movement for a truly livable wage in Hawaiʻi. Movements like this succeed because of people like you. Download these materials to help get you started as a community organizer in the Raise Up Hawaiʻi campaign.


Policy Flyer

We’ve created a handy flyer with key data points, frequently asked questions, an op-ed from members of our coalition and key research to back up our assertions that raising the wage to a livable level will be good for Hawaiʻi workers and business.



Help expand our reach by downloading this petition page and signing your friends and neighbors up for the fight for a living wage. We will never distribute the information collected beyond this campaign. Apartment numbers are not necessary


Hashtag Sign

Download and print out either of these hashtag signs—one with a pre-fabricated message of support, one with a blank space for your own message—and take a selfie. Tag your social media posts with #RaiseUpHawaii and boost our visibility.