The Fight For A Living Wage

It’s true not everything is black & white, but when it comes to whether each and every human deserves the bare necessities, anything short of “yes” is unaccceptable.

It’s true not everything is black & white, but when it comes to whether each and every human deserves the bare necessities, anything short of “yes” is unaccceptable.

While the legislature once again drops the ball on raising the minimum wage to a livable level, 48 percent of Hawaiʻi families will go another year struggling to put food on the table and keep a roof over their heads. Our keiki—the future of our island home—cannot afford to wait. Keep the pressure up. The only thing that will truly motivate legislators to do the people’s work is to hear from the people they represent.

  • Look up your legislators here and send them an email or call their office.

  • Original messages, no matter how brief, make the biggest impact, but if you’re short on time, you can copy this message:

Dear [Legislator],

As a constituent of yours, I am writing to express my extreme dissapointment with the legislature’s failure to pass a bill increasing the minimum wage in 2019. When half of Hawaiʻi’s families are living paycheck to paycheck, just one accident or complication away from winding up on the streets, this failure is unacceptable. This issue needs to be a priority for you and your colleagues starting right now. There can be no more delays, no more playing politics, no more bending to profit-motives, no more hiding—the people of Hawaiʻi deserve leaders who will fight for the people, not cozy up to businesses to climb the rungs of power. Next year will be critical. Will you show us what that leadership looks like?

We are waiting and, while we do, wealthy donors get wealthier and another working family ends up homeless. It’s true not everything is black and white. But when it comes to a question of whether each and every man, woman and child deserves the bare necessities—in the richest country in the history of countries—anything short of “yes” is simply unacceptable.


[Your Name, Nieghborhood]

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A Living Wage Floats All Boats

Why the fight for a living wage in Hawaiʻi is more critical now than ever, plus evidence and best practices from cities and states that have already invested in their residents by raising the wage of all workers. 

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Dispatches, testimony and discussion surrounding the campaign to raise the wage for all of Hawaiʻi’s workers and build a society where opportunity exists for each and every person.

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The Raise Up Hawaiʻi campaign pulls together advocates, organizers, policy experts and, most importantly, the working families, young adults and kupuna directly affected by the wage level in Hawaiʻi.


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